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bronner bros. and TMG team up for our Atlanta homecoming

Saturday, February 24, 2024


11:00am-12:30pm TMG Competition 1 | Free Style Battle with a Twist (RBMS)

1:30pm-3:00pm TMG Competition 2 | Tag Team Blind Battle (RBMS) 03:45pm-5:15pm TMG Competition 3 | Cuttin’ Up Battle (RBMS)

Freestyle Battle
with a Twist

11:00am - 12:30pm - Stylists will have the opportunity to do whatever style they would like, but be prepared for a surprise to be thrown into the competition at any moment. These battles are all about being challenged. You will need to bring a model that is fierce and fabulous to help you wow the crowd!!!

Tag Team Blind Battle

1:30pm - 3:00pm - One stylist sits on front of stage - Audience decides when they will switch with their partner at any time it can go back and forth - Partner is not allowed to see what the other one is doing. You can choose your styling partner. Models will be provided.

Cuttin' Up Battle

3:45pm - 5:15pm - 30 minutes to weave or wig install - and then the stylists will have to cut hair to music while the models move. The audience will decide the winner. Models will be provided.


Battle - These battles are intended to challenge the stylists as well as entertain the audience. Bringing Excitement to the Show Floor. The marketing will focus on “Live on Stage” is back and in full effect at the BB show.



Plus: *A trophy from Bronner Brothers® *Photos featured on with your social media handle for contacting *Admission to the next Bronner Bros. Beauty Show (3day/night)

  • Must be a licensed stylist
  • Must accept that the audience determines the winner
  • Must be ready and open to any surprise changes during the battles as your skills may be tested – Models will be provided to you already braided and wearing a wig cap
  • Battle timing and instructions will be given on stage before the battle starts
  • Must arrive 30 minutes prior to your battle. If you are not there within 15 minutes of your battle start time your space can be given away
  • Styling tools will be provided by a sponsor and must be used for all battles, however, we suggest you bring your tools just in case something you need is not provided. You have to get permission to use the tool or product before you go on stage. 
  • For the tag team battle please sign up as a team of two. Registration fees will apply to both stylists.
  • Winners will be paid by Bronner Bros
  • Be prepared to have FUN!!


Competition Fee: $50

Includes complimentary entry for your model for the day of the competition only.
The Deadline for this competition is February 22, 2024 at 11:59pm EST
Early Bird Special NOW through December 25, 2023.

Student competitions

BRING THE EXCITEMENT BACK TO THE ATL!!! WELCOME BACK TO THE EAST COAST! These Competitors are thinking outside of the box. Competitions have uniquely been branded the best of their kind! Competitors, you can sign up with valid/current professional licensure. 

competition SCHEDULE

SATURDAY, February 26, 2024Place: Georgia World Congress CenterAddress: 285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30313. Check-in Location: Competition Check-in Desk in the Registration Hall


READ AND FOLLOW ALL RULES AND REGULATIONS… “Ignorance of rules excuses no one”– is a legal principle holding that a person who is unaware of a law or rule may not escape the penalty for violating or not doing that law or rule merely because he/she was unaware of its content.
This competition is open to Barbering Students in Barbering Schools or in a dual Cosmetology/Barbering Program.. You must upload your student credentials and state-issued ID during the registration process.

This competition does not limit or restrict by race, gender, creed color, or nationality.
Only ages 18 and older are allowed to compete and be models.
The competitor has to make sure that the model signs and submits all paperwork and waivers to participate or risk disqualification.

PLEASE NOTE: Inspecting your work before completion, to correct symmetry, is vital. Design Lines will have NO EFFECT if not executed well. And choosing the right model is critical to the end result. Please consider the skin of the head and face as a canvas for your artistic work.


Within the competition arena there are rules that must be in place to separate the average from the superior. Being good at your craft doesn’t make you GREAT and/or outstanding. 


*Being late is not being the best… Even if you cannot help the circumstances that made you late…

*Not maintaining the proper professional attitude is not being the best. You have to be able to read the situation and change your attitude to play fair and be a good competitor.
*Not being prepared with the proper equipment is not being the best… You need to think through your planning and execute properly so you will be on time and have EVERYTHING YOU NEED. It is not the responsibility of Bronner Bros. to help you have what you need, only to provide what is stated in the rules and regulations.
*If the competition is below your expectations —that is where your creativity and ingenuity should step in to make your creation outstanding no matter what you are given.  We cannot control each competitors expectations. This is our “Competition Mindset.” 
The Competition promise:
Not reading rules and regulations, arriving late, arguing with the staff, disrespecting fellow competitors, using your phone when told not to, not being present (competitor and model),  not having your head in the game (physically and mentally), and coming unprepared will lead you to point deduction and you will not have enough points to place or qualify as a winner. Don’t start out in the negative with point deductions… Be positive that you are prepared.


FYI: In past Beauty Shows, competitors that chose to disregard any rule had significant point reduction and severely decreased their opportunity to win the competition.

FYI: Many competitions have very close scores. Sometimes, the final judges decisions have been based on the amount of hair that is left on the floor and if the lengths and amounts are within the rules and regulations governed for the competition. 


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