Bronner Bros

The Ultimate Homecoming Lash Battle


Date: Saturday, February 24, 2024
Place: Georgia World Congress Center
Address: 285 Andrew Young International BLVVD NW Atlanta, GA 30313
Check-In Location: Competition Check-in Desk – Registration Hall
Check-In Time : 12:00pm – 12:30pm
Prep Location: Classroom B206 (DO NOT GO TO MAINSTAGE)
Prep-Time: 12:30pm-1:00pm
Start Time: 1:15pm
Stage Time: 60 Minutes
Judging 2:30pm – 2:55pm
End Time: 3:15pm


1.All Judges’ decisions are final and are non-negotiable.

2. All Models for THE ULTIMATE HOMECOMING LASH BATTLE competition must be Female.

3. It is the Competitor’s responsibility to understand and adhere to the General Rules and Regulations of all competitions and the the rules and Regulations of THE ULTIMATE HOMECOMING LASH BATTLE

4. Arriving late is grounds for disqualification. These rounds are timed and late arrivals may lose the spot for a session.

5. The artist must sign and submit the official entry application agreeing with the Rules and Regulations and the
required fee(s). In doing so, the competitor agrees to abide by the decision of the judges. The SPONSORS RESERVE THE RIGHT to cancel or limit the number of competitors. There must be a minimum of 10 contestants
for each contest by the start of the competition. If there are NOT 10 contestants at the start of the competition prizes/prize money will be negotiated. There will be No refunds for any competition.

6. Instructions will be given during the Prep time. All Competitors are expected to adhere to the rules of
disqualification and adhere quietly if tapped on the shoulder and instructed to leave.

7. Each Professional may enter up to two models. However, the competition fee must be paid for both models and the time allotted remains the same. No ADDITIONAL TIME WILL BE GIVEN FOR MORE THAN ONE MODEL. If the initial installation process is not completed in the allotted time, the incomplete model will be disqualified.

8. All beauty professionals who are in school or licensed and qualified to perform eyelash extensions in their respective state are eligible to compete in Bronner Brothers. Proof of licensure and/or qualification will be required.

9. All competitors must complete the Photography and model release form and provide their contact information. All Winners will receive their monetary prizes 10 days after the close of the Show in the form of Check. No onsite Cash prizes will be awarded.

10. Bronner Brothers Judges/staff reserves the right to final interpretation of all rules. All contestants will adhere and agree to abide by and accept the final tallies of the Judges without further actions being required.

11. All aspects of work for each entry must be completed in the presence of the competition team and Judges. All work, in its entirety, has to be completed and engineered by the registered competitor. Failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification.

11. All prep work and installation must be performed on site in the competition headquarters or on Main Stage. If any work has been found to be completed prior to entering the competition headquarters, the competitor and model are disqualified.

12. Competitors are responsible for supplying their own lash model.Only one model needed.
13. Total look includes clothing and hair will affect the judging alone with the installation of lashes and the Judges overall scoring.

14. Eye makeup will be a part of the competition as the finished look for THE ULTIMATE HOMECOMING LASH BATTLE .

15. All models must be over the age of 18, and may be required to show ID or birth certificate if age is still

16. All competitors are responsible for and are required to read and agree to the Bronner Brothers General Rules and Regulations.

17. Competitors are responsible for supplying all products and supplies, unless otherwise noted.
Products must be in their original, factory-labeled containers.

18. Esthetician tables will be provided for the competition. Competitors are to use proper sanitary measures to ensure that their models are in standard for sanitary regulations.

19. All equipment must be secured and in the manufacturer’s containers. All items to be used must be displayed neatly on the workstation. Re-entry into the contestants equipment case or bag will guarantee point deductions by the judges.

20. The presence of any unsanitary, broken, or dropped materials are prohibited. ALL products of this nature found on a competitor’s workstation will result in point reduction. Prohibited items will be
confiscated until close of the competition and only returned upon request.

21. Once the Check in time has ended and the explanation of the Rule and Regulations begins, models and competitors are not allowed to leave the competition area without prior permission from the Bronner Brothers Staff present on site. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

22. Competitors are not to talk to their model for the duration of the competition. The only exception is
to inquire if the model is comfortable in the presence of a judge. Failure to comply will result in point deduction.

23. When time is called at the end of the competition, competitors must immediately stop working, place their tools down and keep their hands visibly raised to await further instruction. Competitors must not touch or talk to their models until judging is completed. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

24. Please Make sure that all participants visit the lavatory and silence their cell phones before the
competition begins.

25. When time is called at the end of the competition, models must remain on the massage table, lying
down with eyes closed and with the under eye coverings still in place. Models may not get up or leave the competition area until after the judging is completed and they have been instructed on where to go.

26. When participants are directed to vacate the competition area, competitors must expeditiously pack up all belongings and leave the competition area with a number assigned to them in place on or near the model. Competitors must not leave behind any personal belongings that may connect to them as the
artist. Competitors are not allowed to be in the competition area during judging. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

27. During judging, models may not speak to each other or to the judges unless being asked a

28. Models must not indicate in any way the identity of their registered competitor until after the judging is complete. All model identities will only be connected to the number provided to them at check in. Failure to comply will result in disqualification

The Nation's Largest & Best Multi-Cultural Beauty Show
The Nation's Largest & Best Multi-Cultural Beauty Show
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