Bronner Bros


In 1947, Dr. Nathaniel H. Bronner, Sr. and his brother, Arthur E. Bronner, Sr. (the original Bronner Brothers) with the assistance of their sister, Emma Bronner began teaching cosmetologists at the Butler Street YMCA in Atlanta, Georgia. Subsequently, the first Bronner Bros. Trade Show was born with approximately 300 in attendance.

As Bronner Bros. grew, the show moved from the YMCA to the Royal Peacock Social Club, to the Auburn Avenue Casino, the City Auditorium, to the Hyatt Regency Hotel (for 20 years), to the Marriott Marquis, to the Atlanta Merchandise Mart, and finally to its present venue, the Georgia World Congress Center. The show attracted many well renowned speakers including Jackie Robinson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr. Benjamin Mays. Mr. Bronner combed the country each year to bring positive, motivating people to the show. The show has grown from the original 300 to now over 30,000 in attendance.

Today, Bronner Bros. continues to ascend from its modest beginnings setting for itself new goals, new challenges and new standards of excellence. Bronner Bros. manufactures multicultural hair care products for both retail and professional customers. Some of these product lines include:

⦿Tropical Roots

⦿BB Naturals and Classic collections

⦿African Royale

⦿Bronner Bros. Professional

N. H. Bronner w/ Martin Luther King, Jr.

N. H. Bronner w/ President Jimmy Carter

The Original Bronner Brothers

Original Bronner Sales Team

Robbie Bronner & sons

N. H. Bronner Sr. & his 6 sons

N. H. Bronner w/ Jesse Jackson

N. H. Bronner w/ Red Foxx

Nathaniel Sr. and Robbie Bronner


The Nation's Largest & Best Multi-Cultural Beauty Show
The Nation's Largest & Best Multi-Cultural Beauty Show
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