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Natural Locs of Love Competition (Workplace Edition)


Loc Theme: The Natural Locs of Love Competition brings together the essence of self-expression and the beauty of natural hair in a workplace. This competition invites participants to showcase their creativity and individuality by crafting distinctive and stylish looks that seamlessly blend their locks with their work setting.

In this competition, your hair becomes a canvas, and your workplace attire a backdrop for your artistic expression. It’s not just about having stunning locks; it’s about using them to make a statement while in the workplace. Participants will demonstrate their skill in crafting intricate and innovative hairstyles that enhance their overall appearance.

We encourage contestants to let their imagination flow, blending the texture, length, and personality of their natural hair locks with a work-appropriate ensemble. Whether you’re rocking short, medium, or long locks, the Natural Locs of Love Competition celebrates the versatility of natural hair.

Judges will evaluate participants on their creativity, style, and how effectively their look harmonizes with a typical workplace environment. From elegant updos to intricate braids and twists, this competition is all about celebrating the beauty of natural hair while showcasing your unique fashion sense.

Join us for an event that celebrates the fusion of individuality, professionalism, and the power of embracing your natural beauty in the workplace. The Natural Locs of Love Competition (Workplace Edition) is not just a hair competition; it’s an opportunity to redefine workplace style and self-expression, all while embracing your beautiful natural locks.

Bring all the required material to the check-in desk and Competition Headquarters (CHQ):

Two Forms of ID for registration proof of age with a photograph. (e.g. birth certificate & driver’s license or birth certificate & passport, or a birth certificate & school ID card) Your name must match.

Proof of an active cosmetology license or student ID.

Model Must be 18 years or older, proof that the model is at least 18 years of age is required. If the age of the model is questioned, and proper ID is not available, the model cannot be used.

Punctuality: Timeliness is crucial. You must check-in at the desk in the Competition Headquarters (CHQ) on Sunday, February 25, 2024, (10:30 am – 11:00 am) prior to starting.

Late Arrival Notice: If you arrive late after checking-in, you may still be permitted to compete at the judges discretion; however, the competition time will begin and end promptly for everyone. There will be NO REFUNDS issued for disqualifications due to tardies or absences.

The QR codes sent to you via email or text with your proof of purchases are:

QR code for Admissions (1-day pass, 3 day/2 night pass)
QR code for Competition Fee payment of $125

One model per entry fee. The model must be prepped and fully dressed matching the theme upon check-in time. (You are not allowed to serve as your own model during the competition).

During the judging process models must be able to move freely without assistance.

All models are welcome to participate but must meet the age requirement.

No additional people are allowed in the prep room. Only the Model and Competitor will be allowed in the Prep room during the briefing and pre-judging time. There will be an area near the Main Stage for viewing during the competition. Children under 12 are NOT allowed on the Exhibit floor, backstage, or in the area for this competition. Click here for our DAYCARE options.

Current Bronner Brothers employees, platform artists, and educators cannot compete in this competition. A minimum of 2 years of non-association with the company is required to qualify.

AFTER THE COMPETITION, all decisions by the judges are final.

All winners must report to the Competition Headquarters (CHQ) to complete all paperwork to receive payment of awards and prizes. If this paperwork is incomplete, you may significantly delay or in some cases forfeit your payment in full if you place or win in the competition.

Bronner Brothers and the Sponsors reserve the right to cancel the competition if a minimum number of competitors is not met.


Keep in mind: If you are driving, parking will be a challenge. There may be heavy traffic or major detours near the Convention Center. Please use your time wisely and plan your route to the facility ahead of time. Hotel accommodation is going fast, as this will be a VERY busy weekend. PLEASE make time allowances. We DO NOT give refunds for late arrivals or for any reason other than competition cancellation called by Bronner Bros. You have been informed.

Competitors have 1 hour to complete their style.

No Hair cutting is allowed in this competition. Competitors can only perform hair arranging, braiding or retwist. If you are a licensed cosmetologist and have valid proof of current licensure, we have waivers that can be signed for you to be allowed to cut hair during the on-stage competition. Please reach out to the email sited at the end of the rules and regulations.

The use of Hair glue/adhesive, clip-ins, and/or extension tape is prohibited. If found to be used in any way, significant points will be deducted.

Blow dryers, Flat irons and curling irons are allowed.

Competitors have full use of all cutting equipment to implement the style desired. Bring your own combs, brushes, shears, color sprays, clippers.

No Straight edge razors are to be used against the scalp.

Metal hair clips (duck bills), butterfly clips and styling clips are allowed during the competition to
hold the hair during styling.

All shampoo services (including coloring) have to be completed before arriving to the convention center.

No wigs are allowed.

Judges reserve the right to finger through and inspect the interior workmanship of the finished style. The hair design will not be disturbed.

The finished style must be a professional, trendsetting, non fantasy hairstyle. Attire, makeup and nails must complement the total look.

This is a “Natural hair in the workplace competition. Natural Locs!!! Styling technique is optional based on the competitor’s creativity.

After time has been called, there can be no additions or ornamentation added to the head after style is completed. (Including, cutting, smoothing, adding Sheen Sprays, hair sprays or colors).

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