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Grab Bag Details

You will have 30 minutes to complete model using ONLY the products you receive in your bag. An example of what you may receive in your bag:

  • 1 doll comb or brush
  • 5 bobby pins
  • 5 hair pins
  • 1 razor blade
  • 1 section of weave
  • 1 hair glue
  • can of Hair Spray

There will be a number of grab bags with different products and equipment inside. THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE.


  1. This competition is open to all licensed professional cosmetologist with proof of license and state issued ID, cosmetology students, apprentices or permit holders. (With appropriate proof.)
  2. Competitor may enter one model per entry fee. ONLY FEMALE MODELS (of any race, color, nationality or creed.)
  3. Competitors reporting with female models (only) should have, chemical and color processes completed, along with nails and makeup done. Model’s hair is to be DRY and combed straight down ready to be cut, styled and/or manipulated.
  4. Students participating MUST bring STUDENT IDS the day of the competition.
  5. Competitors MUST provide their own shears and flat irons. If a sponsor is contracted to provide these items, you will be informed in the competition headquarters. You MUST bring these items for your own assurance of these materials being needed.
  6. There will be  variety of Grab Bags with different equipment and products.
  7. ABSOLUTELY  no weaves, hair extension, or hairpieces
  8. Any styling utensils needed other than shears (combs, brushes, hair bows, pins, glue, lashes, etc.) will be provided by Bronner Brothers inside the Grab Bag.
  9. No children under the age of 12. Any Model under the age of 18 MUST have a parent present to sign forms.
  10. Flat irons and curling irons are allowed. The use of blow dryers and ceramic ovens are prohibited.
  11. During the PREP time, ABSOLUTELY no persons are allowed in the competition headquarters but the contestant and the model. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Otherwise points will be deducted.
  12. Competitors have full use of all cutting equipment to implement the style desired.
  13. Competitors have 45 minutes total to execute the sewing technique, cut, & style.
  14. Report with models dressed, makeup and accessories done before arrival. No dressing rooms will be provided.
  15. Entrants and models must remain until the judges’ decisions are announced.
  16. The Sponsors reserve the right to cancel or limit the number of competitors. There MUST be a minimum of 10 contestants 24 hours before the start of the competition for the competition to take place. When less than 10 competitors have entered, Bronner Bros. reserves the right to Cancel the Competition and issuing refunds to those that are registered.
  17. Styling technique is optional based on competitor’s creativity.
  18. After time has been called, there can be no additions or ornamentation added to the head after style is completed.
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