Bronner Bros

Competition Overview


Media Exposure

Media outlets often feature the work of competitors getting winners national exposure. Also, the winning photos and winners’ social media handles are displayed on with over 500,000 page views a month and social media with over 500K followers.

Platform Artistry Opportunities

Personal Marketing : platform artistry companies are looking for platform artists on the competition stage. Winning Pictures and contact info will be on for 6 months after the show ends.

Winning Trophy

Credibility/Trust: trophy from the world’s largest Multicultural Beauty Show increases your credibility with potential customers.

Money & Prizes

Monetary rewards and Prizes range up to $1000. Common prizes include styling equipment, clippers and wet goods from participating sponsors.

Personal Development

Skills building and confidence building with the opportunity to improve skills with industry best judging critiques and coaching after each competition.


The Nation's Largest & Best Multi-Cultural Beauty Show
The Nation's Largest & Best Multi-Cultural Beauty Show
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