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⦿ * By paying your registration fee, or agreeing to compete in an invitation-only competition, you are agreeing to all the General Rules and Regulations as well as the individual rules and Regulations of each competition.
⦿ * Only currently licensed Cosmetologists or enrolled students qualify for entry into the event. All competitions are under the jurisdiction of the Competition Director. The decision of the Competition Director shall be final in matters concerning the conduct and regulation of the competition.
⦿ * No Children under 12 are allowed on the Exhibit floor, backstage, or in the area for this competition. Click here for our onsite DAYCARE options.
⦿ Only the competitor’s model will receive complimentary admission onto the exhibit floor.
⦿ * Prize(s). The prize(s) that may be awarded to the eligible winner(s) are not transferable, redeemable for cash, or exchangeable for any other prize. * Cash awards are received by check 10-30 days after the close of the Beauty Show.
⦿ Current Bronner Brothers employees, platform artists, and educators cannot compete in this competition. A minimum of 1 year of non-association is required to qualify.
⦿ * Licensed Barbers and Cosmetologists must be current and registered with the State Board of Cosmetology and have your ID number and state-issued ID available.
⦿ * Once the competition begins, competitors and/or models may NOT leave the competition area without the permission of the competition staff. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
⦿ DAY: All competitors must be present in the competition area no less than 15 minutes prior to their competition check-in time. Competitor(s) may set up 15 minutes prior to competition. There will be a briefing on rules 15 minutes prior to the competition. Any competitor arriving late will not be allowed to compete unless prior arrangements have been made with the Competition Director. Arriving late during check-in time will result in forfeiture of all investments. Please plan travel accordingly and keep in mind that the registration area lines may be very long. Please check the surrounding area traffic. There may be detours. Please check in on time at the assigned Competition registration desk in the registration area. Under no circumstances will competitors arriving late be allowed in the prep area once the door has been closed. Security will be present. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. Please arrive on time. Main Stage is on a Strict time schedule.
⦿ * All competitors are REQUIRED to complete all online forms before arriving on-site for the competition. Please read your CONFIRMATION email to see the links for processing.
⦿ * All work MUST be done on-site unless otherwise noted in your rules.
⦿ If a competitor has won first place in this Bronner Bros. Competition in the past, he/she may not enter the same competition for 2 years (4 consecutive shows). He/She may, however, enter any of the other Bronner Bros competitions to compete.
⦿ * Any competitor or model found not complying with the Bronner Bros competition rules before, during, or until the close of the show is subject to possible disqualification and/or point deduction. In the event disqualification occurs after awards and/or prizes, cash or otherwise, have been distributed, the disqualified contestant must return their trophy as well as any and all prizes to Bronner Bros staff. He or she will also be prohibited from participating in any Bronner Bros or Bronner Bros affiliated competitions for one year.
⦿ At no time during a competition should models assist the competitor in any capacity.
⦿ * Models may not blow dust, use noisemakers, throw items into the audience, twirl a baton, or perform any onstage theatrics. Models are prohibited from performing flips and stunts while on stage. Points will be deducted. If a staff member asks the model to stop breaking these rules it will be at the discretion of the floor judge to disqualify the competitor for inappropriate model behavior.
⦿ * Competitor must provide Bronner Bros. with documentation of any health conditions that may inhibit your depth perception for stage occupancy 2 weeks prior to the start of the show. It is a platform 24-36 inches off the ground.
⦿ * Animals and reptiles are strictly prohibited from participation in all competitions as a prop or accessory without permission from the Bronner Bros management. They must get prior authorization from management and clearance of insurance.
⦿ * Medically trained assistance animals are permitted with prior authorization (2 weeks advance notification with proper paperwork from a physician) and registration of the animal with the contracted Convention Center. See the center’s website for more information.
⦿ * Competitors must supply ALL necessary products and supplies, products must be wrapped or in unlabeled containers. (Unless it is a Bronner Brothers Product- See website for product listing) . Some exceptions are made for Sponsorships. Please inform the Competition Director if you have a monetary sponsor ($2K or higher) for further details and proper documentation.
⦿ * If any person has previously judged ANY Bronner Bros. competitions, you can no longer enter a Bronner Bros. Competition at any time.
⦿ * Professional and stately attitudes must be maintained at all times during the competition between judges and other contestants. Any actions that are deemed inappropriate and brought to the knowledge of Bronner Brothers will be discussed by Bronner Brothers staff and if confirmed, the contestant accused will be disqualified.
⦿ * No nudity, grotesque, horror, cult, racial profiling attire, or monsters allowed.
⦿ DAY: Only tables and chairs will be provided at the competition’s briefing site. (Electricity will be provided only when indicated in specific rules and electrical appliances must be 110 volts and no more than 1500 watts.) Ceramic stoves and Marcel Irons will not be allowed. Flat irons and curling are allowed for specified competitions. Please check the specific competition Guidelines for items allowed in that competition.
⦿ * NIGHT: Electricity is not available on the night stage. Chairs, microphones, and other props are to be outlined to the production specialist.
⦿ * ALL COMPETITORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL BELONGINGS!! Bronner Brothers is not responsible for items left on the stage, theft, or lost items. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please see the specified site for Lost and Found in the Convention Center.
⦿ DAY: Absolutely no persons are allowed in the competition prep room but contestant and model. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Otherwise, points will be deducted.
⦿ * Bronner Bros. is not responsible for any injuries incurred during the competition. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
⦿ Bronner Bros. reserves the right to cancel any competition with less than TEN competitors. In the event of cancellation, competitors will be notified.
⦿ Only one set of hands is allowed on the model entered. Only 1 stylist to perform the finished look desired. Any coaching, outside help, or outside hands are PROHIBITED. If proven otherwise, the stylist will be disqualified and all investments forfeited.
⦿ * All extra personnel must register and purchase an armband prior to entering the competition for viewing. If not included on the roster provided, they must purchase entry.
⦿ * Food is not permitted in the briefing room, backstage, or on the competition floor.
⦿ * At no time will smoking be permitted in the contracted Convention Center.
⦿ Coaching from the audience will cause competitors to be penalized.
⦿ If at any time a competitor has an issue with the results or decisions of judges it is mandatory that it be discussed in a respectful manner. The Judges will be available after the competition to ask questions and give constructive critique for future competitions. If the competitor insists on acting disrespectfully, it will be at the discretion of the judge to not allow that competitor to compete in any or all upcoming Bronner Bros. competitions. ALL Judges’ decisions are final.
⦿ * Models and Contestants 18 and over must sign an official Release Form online or digitally at the time of check-in. The competitor(s) must sign and submit the official entry application form and the required fee (If applicable). All competitors parents/guardians must be present and sign a Bronner Brothers model’s release form when registering a contestant/competitor that is under the age of eighteen (18) years of age (if applicable for the competition). No refunds or credits of entry fees will be issued.


The Nation's Largest & Best Multi-Cultural Beauty Show
The Nation's Largest & Best Multi-Cultural Beauty Show
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